Configure Ethernet Interfaces in Junos

Here’s another update in a similar format to the previous post.  We’re just covering how to configure an ethernet interface with an IPv4 address, so this one will be much quicker.  We’ll make the following assumptions:

You’ve previously configured root authentication.
You’ve already logged into your router, whether it be through remote access (telnet, ssh) or local access (console port, dedicated ethernet management port)

Here’s a breakdown of the character representations of the modes for your reference:


root login and UNIX command line


Operational Mode of Junos system command line


Configuration Mode of Junos system command line.

And how to activate each of them:

% cli
> configure

Now, to add an IPv4 address to an interface, save the changes, and verify the config, issue the following commands, starting from the root prompt (‘%’):

% cli
> configure
# set interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet address
# commit exit
> ping

This should produce successful results.  Remember that this address is only locally pingable and not across subnets because we haven’t set up any kind of routing.

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