JNCIA Question of the Week #3 – Routing Protocols

JNCIA Question of the Week #3

This week’s question is on common routing protocols and why they should be used. It’s pretty basic, but it’s something you have to know for the JNCIA. We’ll post the answers tomorrow.


What are two dynamic interior gateway protocols, and why would you use them over static (manual) routing? Additionally, list the current Exterior Gateway Protocol. Version numbers are optional, and listing more than two IGP’s is encouraged. Please be aware that we’re looking for modern, non-proprietary answers.



Dynamic Interior Gateway Routing Protocols include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • OSPFv2 – For IPv4
  • OSPFv3 – For IPv6
  • IS-IS – For IPv4 or IPv6
  • RIPv2 – For IPv4
  • RIPng – For IPv6

The Exterior Gateway Protocol currently in use is BGPv4.

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