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JNCIS-ENT Flashcards Now Available!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been spending some time with the Proteus Networks (twitter, website) Proteus Elite service and studying for the JNCIS very hard. I’ve also been very ill the past two weeks.

However, today, I bring you excellent news! I have created JNCIS-ENT flashcards! All questions and answers come directly from me–no other sources were used other than the Juniper FastTrack Routing and Switching guides for JNCIS-ENT.

Currently, the flashcards are available only in Microsoft Office format. I encourage you strongly to use only Microsoft Office to open this file if you wish to print them out and use them. There are some formatting discrepencies when you try to use Google Docs or Open Office/Libre Office to view this file. Later this week, I will be adding more cards, and at that time I will also make available versions that will format and print correctly when opened with Google Docs and Open Office/Libre Office.

JNCIS-ENT Flashcards